5. Storage, Handling and Classification of Fireworks.

To obtain insurance most companies must have either a Health and Safety Executive (HSE) firework magazine or Local Authority (LEA) licensed storage building. Your company should comply with all regulations concerning handling and transporting explosive material. All fireworks should comply with British Standards Institute (BSI) Classification.

6. Integrity and Support 

You have a right to expect honest commitment and support; the Company should take the time to get things right and avoid using ‘jargon’ to hide facts. Never accept ‘It will be alright on the night’ - unlike the T.V. series you have only one chance to get things right.

Skyline Promotions meets all these criteria!

For your safety please make sure any company you choose does too.


The Firework company you choose to hire needs to have:

1. Insurance.

Your Firework company needs both Public and Employee Liability Insurance’s. An annual policy tends to indicate being consistently busy throughout the year in the display field whilst per occasion policy’s can indicate part timers or ‘hobbyists’. Remember no insurance could leave you liable. Ask to see a copy of the Policies.

2. Member of a recognised Industry Body.

Your Company should be a Member of the CBI Explosives Industry Group (EIG), The British Pyrotechnic Association (BPA) or The Event Suppliers Association (TESA). Membership of any of these industry-recognised bodies depends on following a strict Code of Practice reaching and maintaining high standards.

3. Training.

At present there is no mandatory training or licensing for Firework Operators, but your company should have a comprehensive training programme.

4. Health and Safety

Your Company should operate a Health and Safety Code of Practice which includes Site Visits and Risk Assessments.