Skyline Promotions is an Oxfordshire based company that has many years experience providing tailor made displays for major national and international events. From the Middle East through Africa, Europe and the park next door, we can bring that International experience coupled with stunning designs and a wealth of experience to our event. Every display carefully designed to your individual requirements.

We provide displays for all Occasions such as Weddings, Memorable occasions, Corporate events,  Parties, Product launches, and much more!


We fire displays across the whole spectrum – from Classical and Folk to Modern or Futuristic, complimenting rather than intruding upon the score. Skyline Promotions uses the latest electronic firing technology. The highly sophisticated Sky Smart modules are used to create the accurate split-second timing required in musical choreographed displays.

We can also supply sound systems, lasers, lighting and aquabatics/dancing jets of water.

"I had been told a bit about the fireworks in the past years and I was prepared for 'a good show'. However, the stunning and extensively colourful display was quite exceptional and beyond expectations. despite my 70 years of visiting such displays, I have never seen anything so wonderful! Even the millennium celebrations palled in comparison!"

Water can enhance any firework display whatever the budget. We have experience firing from pontoons and rafts, lakes or riverbanks, islands, quaysides and harbour walls, piers, jetties and breakwaters.

We are proud to say that our international reputation as firework experts has  been established by stunning  event displays, backed by meticulous organisation, creativity and an excellent safety record.

"The planning of the display was well thought through and your professionalism stood out by a mile. I am sure the general public are not aware of the amount of planning for such an event. Thank you once again for brightening up our skies."

TEL: 08452 606 247